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Hey, thanks for stopping by. Hopefully you’ve done so because you came across my resume and was curious to see what was going on. Let me use this chance to talk about myself a little!

I’ve been a software engineer for 18 years starting 2024. Through that time I’ve lead a lot of teams, worked on a lot of projects, and saw mostly success with some failures. My motto is Get Shit Done, and you’ll find I’m particularly proud of this amount of stuff I’ve gotten done in my career.

I consider myself not so much a team player, but a team builder. I don’t want to just work well with others; I have a passsion to see those around me get better at their craft, improve their life, and be successful for our product, too. To that end, when I’m not busy helping the team knock out problems, I’m usually trying to find ways to improve our workflow or finding hitches in our application that might slow down a user.

When it comes to the user, my philosophy is to make sure using our product makes their life easier. If anything our app does gets in the way of that, it needs to be examined and improved. That doesn’t just mean UI and UX, though, that also means making sure backend systems are snappy, can do what we want them to with minimal effort, and that there’s good coordination between the two sides. That’s why I’ve been a full stack engineer for so long; it isn’t just the backend that’s important to the user, it’s the front, too.

Anyway, I’ve rambled on long enough. Below you’ll find my resume and cover letter. You can find my contact information in them!

My Resume

You can download my resume and cover letter below:

Personal Projects

Like most programming enthusiasts I have a range of side projects. Many of them I bring up just to work on until I get to a proof of concept, and then delete because I feel guilty about taking up free space. Below you’ll find the projects I currently maintain.